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Monday, February 22, 2016

"Your hands are the gentle, loving architects of peace."

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This evening before bed I was experiencing a great deal of anxiety after getting off the phone with my father and discovering that my brother who hasn't spoken to me in 2 years since my sister passed away, and whom I found out through my father is getting married, didn't even send my dad or older sister a wedding invitation. I had already decided to let go a lot of his insensitivities towards myself, but hearing that he was treating our father and sister this way, made my stress level shoot past where it already was. In truth I have been having some financial difficulties which I hope to remedy soon, and this just added to the stress. I had also been processing a great amount of uncomfortable lower vibratory emotions like shame, guilt, anger, jealousy and hatred. Not pretty stuff.  I had been feeling a powerlessness that I know is all in my head. But in these times of our lives it can be really hard to raise our vibrational energetic fields to the self-empowerment that is always there waiting for us to see it. I decided to get proactive about my stress and do this wonderful meditation through an online yoga website I am subscribed to called The Yoga Collective. I highly recommend joining it. For everything they offer, I am so glad I did. If you are interesting here's a link to an affordable way to join on Living Social. And right now, I'm all about affordable.
This is my little purple beauty!

Back to the meditation. Needless to say this meditation calmed me so much. But what was even more remarkable was that spirit guided me right before the meditation to pick up a large palm-sized slab of lepidolite crystal I have the privilege of working with, and to place it directly over my heart chakra where I was feeling the most anxious. For those of you who don't know about the wonderful metaphysical properties of lepidolite, it is one of the best stones for connecting with healing purple ray spiritual energy and is also composed partly of lithium and therefore is an infinitely superior stone for calming the entire energy body. It's wonderful for people dealing with PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. Ditto for me on the first three. So right at the beginning of this meditation from somewhere inside, a little voice in my head said, "your hands are the gentle, loving architects of peace." I thought, "Whoa where did that come from?" This voice was spirit and my higher self reminding me that even in times of great hardship where our 'flight-or-fight' instincts take over, we have to power to create and draw from the immense storehouse of peace and truth that comes directly from within and from Source and the Universal Intelligence itself! The realization of this blew my mind. I felt that the statement was also largely connected to the fact that work so much with hands on healing modalities such as Reiki and that it was a message that I needed to reconnect to these more fully. This meditation in tandem with the miraculous qualities of lepidolite, took me from 60 to zero in less that 15 minutes. If you are stressed to the max and can't turn off your crazy racing monkey mind that abounds in the hectic Fire Monkey energy of 2016, then sooth your entire nervous system right now. Don't have lepidolite? amethyst or blue chalcedony will work too. Don't have any stones, just imagine yourself bathed in a soft lavender light and you can channel some of lepidolite's amazing energy right into your very being!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Healing Is Definitely A Journey

Healing is definitely a journey. There is no shortcut to being whole. Depending on where an individual is on their own unique life path, it can take days, weeks or even years to deal with healing on a holistic level of mind, body and spirit. I am perfect proof of that fact. Numerous times, I have left, returned to, left and returned again to my own restorative path as evidenced by this blog. I used to beat my self up about that, but I recognize that that is totally OK and is a part of the process. Just to bring all my readers up to speed on where I am, I have recently suffered a lot of tragedy in my life. Just as I was getting over my sister's death which took place just over two years ago, my partner of over thirteen years decided to terminate our relationship. I had just ended nasty battle with our
landlords and we had a limited time to leave our living situation. I was living in San Francisco which is one of the most expensive place to live in the world right now, and I couldn't find an affordable living space which would also accommodate my two cats. I decided to go inside to look for strength and rely on my guides and angels and the universe and at the very last minute, I found a place for me and my cats. About two weeks after I moved in to my new digs, I got assaulted and robbed. I still have a lot of processing of emotions to do because of all the trauma I have recently experienced. Lately I have been turning more an more to the tools I have learned in the past six years, namely yoga, meditation, prayer, positive thinking techniques, and crystal and energy therapy. Together, along with emotional support from loving friends and family, I am rebuilding my existence. I invite you to join my along my journey, especially if you too are healing from trauma.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

In Memory of Wayne Dyer

I would like to take a moment to remember Wayne Dyer who passed a way a short while ago on August 29th, 2015, coincidentally on the night of the full super moon which is a time of great change and of letting go what no longer serves you. A time of accepting the end of something so that you
may welcome in something even better. I think that Wayne Dyer would have appreciated the positive irony of his death hi-lighting so much of what he spoke about in his life. The Shift is a film that was released in 2009 starring Wayne Dyer, Portia de Rossi and a cast of other inspired actors. It's a wonderful film in which the emphasis is on finding your true purpose, living a life of service and letting go of a ego-based existence Towards the end of his movie, Wayne said something that brought me to tears, because the message hit home in such a significant way. He said, "There's a place deep within us that wants to fill fulfilled, that wants to know that 'my life has made a difference, that I've
left this place this planet that I have lived on better than when I arrived, that someone's life has been profoundly touched because of my existence.' We all want that. It's not about age or about finding yourself. Whoever you are, at whatever age, you're only a thought away from changing you life." When Dr. Dyer first finished this film, his goal was for 3 million people to watch it and benefit from it. So far about 1 million people have viewed it. I would like to do my small part to spread the word and ensure that even after he has passed from this reality that his last wish is achieved. It's my honor to share this beautiful film with the world.

The Shift

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Clarity Through Vision Boards

The journey towards manifestation of your hopes and dreams can seem like a long and thankless road. Sometimes we get so caught up trying to make our lives happen that we can't see the forest for the trees. A vision board is a fantastic way to gain clarity on exactly what it is you want in your life. Today 3 friends and I got together and using the information from an amazing book that I've mentioned in past blog post before. This book is called The Passion Test: The Efforless Path to Discovering Your True Life Purpose by Janet and Chris Attwood. The Passion Test is all about aligning yourself with your true purpose in life in a way that feels fulfilling and authentic. Whether that means that your passion is to sail around the world, become a world-famous chef or write the next best-seller.

Today in creating our vision boards we did something more important than mere goal setting, we set our intentions about how we want our lives to look to us in the near future. We put our feet in the direction of living lives that aren't a series of mundane tasks that pass for success. This is living from your heart and soul and being someone who can really make a difference in a career that is truly a calling... well a passion. When we finished our inner selves were bared and we really had a sense of where our lives were going. This is not a road of conventional security, and does take a certain amount of plunging ahead on faith with bravery. But the things that mean the most take courage to bring into existence. Whether it was finding true love, traveling the world, or becoming a singer-songwriter, we laid out all our deepest desires and our futures look very bright indeed!

You'll notice a copy of What's Up With My Life:Finding Your True Life's Purpose by Gail Thackray laying next to our vision boards. Gail Thackray is an author I love to mention mainly because her book 30 Days To Prosperity (which also has amazing information on constructing a vision board) had such an impact on my life. She is one of my mentors who I was blessed to complete my 3rd level Reiki certification with; having gone through levels 1 and 2 with a personal friend and mentor Aisha Shareiff where I work at Aisha's Bodyworks. By completing my vision board, I reinforced the shape that I want my life to take over the next few years. I know that being a crystal healer and learning a deeper knowledge of enlightening people about the potential of their life path by giving them tarot readings is going to play a huge part in my life. In addition to a crystal healing session; I actually ended up giving two more tarot readings this evening, and will give two more tomorrow. I feel that my life is not only taking off, it's beginning to soar!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Healing The Child Inside Through Play

Beautiful Muir Beach where we enjoyed our picnic
Have you ever watched a child run, jump and play without a care in the world and thought 'I wish that was me?' The incredible thing is that sometimes the road to healing involves just that. As adults we live with all these preconceived ideas running though our minds telling us how to behave and what is the 'proper' thing for us to do at any given moment. When we were children we were free of these limiting constraints and only learned how to shut down our true selves from well-meaning adults who were similarly raised when they were young. What does this do to our young minds when we grow to become adults ourselves? It can serve to stifle us. World renown author and self-help guru Louise Hay and author of the book You Can Heal Your Life, has become one of my go-to people on the subject of healing the inner child. "I have found that working with the inner child is most valuable in helping to heal the hurts of the past," says Hay. "At this point in our lives—right now—we need to begin to make ourselves whole and accept every part of who we are. We need to communicate with our inner child and let it know that we accept the part that did all the stupid things, the part that was funny looking, the part that was scared, the part that was very foolish and silly—every single part of ourselves."  This is one of they key things to accepting your inner child and accepting and loving yourself for who you are. In that spirit this past Monday I was invited last minute to a spontaneous birthday picnic for a close friend of mine. I had my whole day mapped out and various obligations that I thought I had to do or the sky would fall. But then a little voice inside said 'play hooky'. For once I listened to the child inside calling me outside to play. The crazy thing was that when I pulled back from my constant busy to-do list and hung out on the beach with my two friends Monica and Ria,

I had a day that was more fulfilling than the adult day of tasks I had planned. I discovered that the tarot reading course I had only been thinking about taking was a thing that I was definitely going to make happen. The tarot readings I gave my friends just for fun on the beach came out so accurately I was shocked. Ria, the birthday girl had brought her hula hoop with her because she is aspiring to teach others the art of hula hoop dancing. As she twirled and spun with joy and wild abandon, showing that she can make a career out of something that is so much fun, she gave me such hope and confidence.

That day at the beach taught me that not only can playing like a child be productive, but it can heal us on the deepest levels - the places where our hopes and dreams live, where we are told we can't.  That day I ended up networking with Monica whose fiance and her are starting an event for artists of various styles, singers, dancers, painters, poets etc to come together in a safe space to showcase and explore their art called The Morph Life. My other hat besides the healing arts is singer and lyricist(Yes I was told I couldn't be a singer as a young girl). So I was thrilled when she offered me an opportunity to perform as I had been working to manifest singing gigs. All that from taking a 'get-out-of-jail-free day' at the beach! I came away from the experience with even more determination to bring this child-like sense of playfulness into everything I do. Why? Because I have discovered that everything I color with that energy has more exuberance and vitality and just plain feels amazing!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Opening My Heart With Kundalini Yoga

Today I had a soul-stirring session of Kundalini yoga. This is actually the first time in a long time that I've practiced Kundalini. I feel like my soul is coming back to me for the first time in a long time. My sister passed away after a long battle with cancer earlier this year and the grief was over-whelming. In my usual style, even though I'd promised myself that I wouldn't, I blocked a lot of the  put some of my feelings away to be able to get back
to the things I needed to do such as work. But now that I've gotten past some of the more devestating emotions, I can deal with some of the deeper ones that seem to linger forever. I need to be able to remember my sister with joy instead of pain. I'm starting another blog to release some of those pent up feelings and I'm renewing my faltering yoga practice. I need nurturing and to redefine my heart. I need to not be afraid to feel the pain that losing her has inflicted on me. I need to stretch and expand my horizons and heal in a way that only yoga can offer to me. My Kundalini yoga practice with Gurmukh is like an old friend, helping through the roughest of patches that life can throw at you. I am so thankful that yoga has made it's way into my life!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

All I Want For Valentine's Day Is A Heart

While millions of people today are scrambling to make last minute plans for their sweeties and significant  others, dasing to romantic getaways, buying engagement rings, flowers, chocolates and various other trinkets to brighten their loved one's day, Linsey Bingham is receiving a more precious gift... a second shot at life. She has been waiting for this day since she for this day since she was first diagnosed with dialated cardiomyopathy ( and enlarged heart) on June 20th, 2012. Linsey (then 8)  is only 9 years old.

Linsey's parents Jason and Stacey Bingham, were beside themselves with worry because just 6 years prior, their oldest daughter Sierra had recieved a heart transplant for teh same condition.  Having to live this nightmare all over again for a second time is something that no parent should have to suffer. Yet it is happening a therid time with their youngest son Gage, who is currently on medication in an attempt to controll his condition. 3 out of the Bingham's 5 children are afflicted with this disease. Their oldest child Sierra has had a transplant and is facing a life-long battle to keep her body from rejecting her new heart. Soon to join her in the fight is her younger sister Linsey who is recieving the operation for her new heart today.

If you believe in a higher power, please pray for Linsey to have a successful operation and a speedy recovery. And if you don't believe, the just sending your positive thoughts, love, and well wishes will I'm sure be much appreciated by the Binghams. I'm sending a prayer that her Valentine's day will be the best ever, and that this is just the first of many more Happy Valentines to come.

For more information on the  Binghams and how you can support them through donations please visite their webpage at: or their blog which gives young Linsey's response to his happy day at: and remember their fight is not over. They still have to hope for young Gage and the continuing conditon of their daughters.