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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Apprehensions Of The Day

Sitting here typing, I ask myself, don't I have the right to feel a little wary about the task ahead? What if I don't complete it? What if my chakras don't improve noticeably? What if nobody reads these posts? What if? I think I need to do a round of EFT on all these negative emotions and get a little un-stuck. A valuable way of using my time would be to decide which yoga DVD I'm going to use on Tuesday. In truth, I'm anticipating reanimating my dead sun salutations a lot and will probably start a DVD early on both Sunday and Monday. But I don't think two days will make a difference in the scheme of things. We're talking about a deep commitment that will begin over the course of a month, with the intention of yoga being practiced everyday. Hopefully this will translate into an active daily habit of practice. I think I will pick a few different DVDs, alternating between Yoga For Beginners and Power Yoga by Rodney Yee and Kundalini Yoga With Gurmukh. I was first introduced to Yoga as a regular physical practicum when I begin studying massage therapy. I had no former knowledge of yoga prior to my first class actually. As a matter of fact the class practiced Rodney Yee's AM/PM Yoga DVD. Later that week during class I was introduced to Kundalini with Gurmukh. I'm having a deja vu moment! I only have fond memories of those massage therapy school days, trying to memorize anatomy while standing it warrior pose. Suddenly I'm awash with nostalgia and I'm actually anticipating feeling the first soreness of the muscles I don't normally use in a traditional workout routine. A couple of days of this and my whole body will feel like breathing. Ahhh... 

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