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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gaining The Yoga Body

Day 20. Before today I didn't really notice the physical side of things, because I was so focused on all of the wonderful mental and emotional benefits I was gaining from my daily yoga practice. I haven't missed a day of practice and I plan to keep his going way past one month. I want to see if I can make it to one year without having ever missed a day of practice. If I get sick, I want to still practice a slow gentle movement of PM yoga in laying postures with breath-work. The biggest part of yoga lies in learning to breathe properly, which balances out your entire system and lifts away stress. So even if it's just sitting there crossed-legged and breathing, I will still have my daily practice. Getting back to talking about the visual changes in my body, I've noticed that I've slimmed down everywhere. And the slimming is not in a forced way, it's a natural shedding of anything extra around the waist. Not that I had a problem with weight per say, but my body's image is going through a
profound metamorphosis. My legs are more toned and muscular, but lithe and without bulkiness. My arms are more defined then ever, and I think I might have dropped any excess that was anywhere on my body. Also my skin is beaming from the inside out. It's like I had a facial everyday! I just feel so good all over, and airy and light, like I could fly away. I love that I've committed to doing this. I am... well... ecstatic!

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