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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Learning Each Day With Yoga

Am I still doing EFT everyday? You betcha! However, I am of course delving daily into the subtleties and complexities of my yoga practice. I love referring to a really cool site called Yoga Journal for guidance in my yoga journey. It is the online accompaniment to a hard copy magazine of the same name. Yoga Journal's website lets you explore poses in depth and get a handle on proper alignment, as well as assess the personal benefits that you can glean from a pose so that you can tailor make a practice session that fits you perfectly. Yoga Journal online also has a slew of articles that will help you to integrate the yogic lifestyle into something that works for you, exploring breath-work, health concerns, general interest topics relating to yoga, and even videos to show you how-to's. I regard this website as a staple to my yoga education. I regard Yoga Journal as another step in my goal of becoming a yoga instructor in the summer of the coming year. My yoga practice is helping me achieve my goals one day at a time.

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