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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Keeping Up

Today it was a little difficult to keep up my momentum. My anemia was starting to get a little noticeable. I still haven't missed a day of yoga through all of this. I take it as a huge accomplishment that I'm keeping this commitment to my body and my spirit. I know that this is the only the beginning of a long-term goal of better and more enriched health and a state of mind that is ready to tackle anything in life with calm and composure. I've added black strap molasses to my daily regimen in my fight against this anemia. I've read a lot of posts online and many people have said that this has helped them. So I hope everybody keeps their fingers crossed. I know I am. This is just one more hurtle to tackle in my journey through life. I'm charging ahead with full steam and plenty of gusto!

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