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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Loving My Failures

Today was hectic and busy, but in the evening I found the time to practice my yoga and meditation. I noticed that my asanas have become more effortless and graceful, and that I'm easing further into new realms of flexibility. It has been completely amazing for me to continue on this road to enlightenment. I've learned a lot about myself and my commitment to repairing the parts of me that are "broken". I've begun to celebrate the areas where I am abnormal and rejoice in my mistakes because these spaces of me teach me how to be vulnerable and fragile in a way where I can learn and grow and become stronger. My body has taught me the virtue of patience and fortitude. I know it even more intimately now and I'm allowing myself to get up close and personal with my mind, soul, physical person, and spirit. Meditation has proven to me a powerful teacher for me today. I could visualize clearer then ever while meditating on my chakras today. In particular my Third Eye chakra seem to be blooming and open and my root chakra as been improving. I'm doing all I can to stimulate a healthy and steady flow through my energetic body as possible. I just know that I've made progress and more importantly that I'm changing for the better.

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