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Monday, June 6, 2011


I will be the first to say in so many ways that yoga has freed me. It has taught my that I don't always need to try so hard, that perfection is like a white rabbit some people keep chasing and that boundaries are what we make them. We get trapped inside our perception of our minds and bodies; telling ourselves the "proper" ways to look, think, and feel. It can all get so overwhelmingly exhausting. In this self-made odyssey of mine, I've discovered the beauty of knowing that I am who I am unabashedly with no apologies. Layers of self-awareness are peeled back with each passing day and I realize that I am passionate about the things that make my life incredible, that I have a healthy appetite for life, and I'm not afraid of it in all it's angry, crazy, sad, sexual, moving, exciting, sensual, mentally stimulating and even horrible experiences. And I owe a lot of my personal acceptance to yoga. Every time I crease into an imperfect Standing Forward Bend, or turn into a flawed Warrior 1, I know that I'm creating unique parts of me that make me special and wonderful in my own way.

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