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Monday, June 13, 2011

Singular Mind

Sometimes during my meditations I find it hard to get to that space where I am of one mind. That peace of mind that comes from existing only in the here and now with an ultimate focus. If I push too hard to realize this mindset it seems to vanish. The key I've found is to let go all of my expectations and just let my thinking flow until my concentration becomes effortless. If relax and let my mind wander it discovers its only point of reference without any mental pushing or shoving. At this place I learn the most about myself and my relationship the people in my life comes sharply into my vision, my imagination soars to where all things are possible and I start to experience bliss. Every time I meditate I come closer to this place where nothing external can touch my serenity. It's taken a while, but I'm learning that such a destination does exist and it's right inside of your own mind. It's called my Nirvana.

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