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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Much Needed Reprieve...

The hectic pace of life finally caught up with me and my body told me that I simply was due for a much needed break. I took the time to listen to my body and my soul and decided to put my blog on a hiatus to catch up with issues that I needed to address, both personal and physical. I am happy to say that I think my anemia situation has finally been addressed after months of struggling with it and I'm in a better place now. I just needed a space to deal and to take a deep breathe and let it out. I was able to center myself with EFT and now I'm ready to take up my yoga practice with renewed vigor. After my respite I am complete refreshed and more eager then ever to begin. So here's a mental toast to all the practice time ahead. I feel that my body, soul, and spirit are fully regenerated. It's time.

Photo Credits: Graur Codrin

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