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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Healing Is Definitely A Journey

Healing is definitely a journey. There is no shortcut to being whole. Depending on where an individual is on their own unique life path, it can take days, weeks or even years to deal with healing on a holistic level of mind, body and spirit. I am perfect proof of that fact. Numerous times, I have left, returned to, left and returned again to my own restorative path as evidenced by this blog. I used to beat my self up about that, but I recognize that that is totally OK and is a part of the process. Just to bring all my readers up to speed on where I am, I have recently suffered a lot of tragedy in my life. Just as I was getting over my sister's death which took place just over two years ago, my partner of over thirteen years decided to terminate our relationship. I had just ended nasty battle with our
landlords and we had a limited time to leave our living situation. I was living in San Francisco which is one of the most expensive place to live in the world right now, and I couldn't find an affordable living space which would also accommodate my two cats. I decided to go inside to look for strength and rely on my guides and angels and the universe and at the very last minute, I found a place for me and my cats. About two weeks after I moved in to my new digs, I got assaulted and robbed. I still have a lot of processing of emotions to do because of all the trauma I have recently experienced. Lately I have been turning more an more to the tools I have learned in the past six years, namely yoga, meditation, prayer, positive thinking techniques, and crystal and energy therapy. Together, along with emotional support from loving friends and family, I am rebuilding my existence. I invite you to join my along my journey, especially if you too are healing from trauma.

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