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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3 More Days!

In just 3 more days my current challenge will be over. I'm really excited about the benefits I've gained from my regular yoga practice and isochronic meditation thus far. My goal right now is to add on at least 30 minutes of supplementary cardio to bolster my strength and flexibility and round out my exercise routine even more. It's amazing how my attitude about working out has morphed into a whole new animal. I'll have to say that I'm stronger and much more flexible then ever and it's incredible how calm I am under stressful situations that would normally either ruin my whole day or make me anxious. With a new month just around the corner, I am eager to make even more strides in my daily practice and to deepen my understanding of the way my mind and body works as a compliant unit. The more that they work together the better I can rejuvenate my entire spirit!

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