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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Body Rhythm

I had a strange discovery during practice today. It was the innate rhythm of my body. And I don't mean the kind of rhythm that makes you dance to a beat. This was something more integral-- soul deep. One might liken it to a sort of trance, induced by the musicality that dwells within you, enhanced by the music that is playing during your yoga practice; or if you practice silently, inherent to the atmosphere around you. In other words, the cars outside your city street, the birds chirping near your rural home, the crickets of an evening summer practice, or that Enya on your mp3 become a tapestry that connects you to your own little corner of serenity. For me it was the sound of falling water that moved me to stretch my practice to another level. Rainstorms have hit the California terrain with a vengeance and this morning there was a virtual downpour. The strong spikes in wind only served to drive the water more strongly against my windows. In the small space of my room, I practiced Kundalini yoga with steady breathes, flowing into each change of movements with a fresh energy. The hypnotic sounds of the drumbeats, Gurmukh's serene instructions, and the strenuous exertion of every part of my body began to blend with falls of water. As I was wildly flailed my arms above my head taking deep fire breaths, I could feel my energy, power and strength increasing, and my body's gain seemed to mirror the out-pour of rain. Day 23 -- a practice I will remember for years to come. It has taught me the beauty that lay inside of my spirit, and with what ease my mind can overcome itself when I just stop thinking and let my body take over.Them moving through my morning practice will become more of a reflex like hunger or thirst, and will just be a part of being me.

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