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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Going Even Futher...

My gosh! Today is day 3 of my yoga and chakra challenge, and I'm just buzzing with good vibes. All my life I was told that perfection was the ultimate goal for a human being to strive to. There was a lot of pressure put upon me by my parents to conform to the rigors of their cultist believe system. This put so much negative mental programming inside my head that I'm using EFT to gradually wash it away from my psyche. It's a process, as with everything worth attaining in life. Yoga and meditation are teaching me that one day at a time.The thing about yoga and chakra balancing is that it's not about perfection but about maintaining equilibrium and balance. Both practices marry the smooth calm of self-control with the liberation of letting go. In my practice today I did just that. I said goodbye to my inhibitions and trusted in the firm foundation of strength I'm building within my mind and body giving my heart permission to just release... In just 3 short days I've made a lot of progress. I feel as if my chakras are starting to stretch, breathe and test their boundaries which are limitless. When I first begin to meditate on my solar plexus region at the beginning of this challenge, trying to imagine the yellow swirling vortex of energy was hard. I would actually have to look at the color yellow and then close my eyes to visualize it. Now I can close my eyes and almost feel the invisible energy radiating just below the apex of my ribs right in the concave spot just beneath them; spinning, for now a subtly muted yellow going clockwise in the right direction. It's not strong but it's there. Reflecting on my root chakra I can feel it getting more confident, spinning slowly and steadily; a warm muted scarlet, radiating from the base of my pelvic floor right down to the tips of my toes as I pose tall and sure in Warrior 1 position. Today I made a major breakthrough in Urdhva Dhanurasana pose. Whereas before I couldn't even lift the weight of my body, I am now able to raise significantly higher to look behind myself. I wasn't fully extended upwards by a long shot, but I could feel my pelvis and ribcage jutting forward, begging to go further. And I will let them, with a little more practice and patience. "Quiet down ego. You'll take this one step at a time," I tell myself smiling in understanding,drenched in the sweat of my pleasant labors. Today's cell phone horoscope? "Sagittarius, unlike most people today, you will have your feet planted firmly on the ground."

Photo credits: Savit Keawtavee

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