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Friday, March 4, 2011

An Unexpected Breakthrough

Today I was really feeling the wear and tear of my newly developing yoga practice. I've discovered that my hamstrings can be particularly tight. That spot just above the knee joints on the backs of my legs was killing me. Thanks to a little Mineral Infrared Therapy, I've put a lot of the discomfort at bay, and now it's just an absent reminder that I've indulged too much over the winter.Appropriately my cell phone's daily horoscope message read, "Sagittarius, if you can't get revved up to start the day, don't fret! Energy is coming later on." I did have a bit of a trial today. I contemplated not doing yoga this morning and postponing it until this evening. But everybody knows how that works. If you wait until later, there's a good chance that it won't get done. So I dragged my lazy butt out of bed and decided on the lesser of two evils. I practiced Rodney Yee's ABS Yoga For Beginners for 30 minutes. Boy am I glad I did, because I ended up dedicating the remainder of my 30 mintute practice to chakra meditation! That was a wonderful decision. I lay present, yet relaxed in Savasana pose, my thumb pressed to middle finger in the traditonal stance of inner contemplation. I started at the root chakra which was a pretty dim red, and worked my way all the way to the crown chakra. I recently came across an amazing advancement with chakra balancing isochronic tone meditation. I listened to the recording as I tuned in to each chakra deeply. I could feel surges of energy pulse through me from the base of my spine to the top of my head. It was really wild! Afterwards I felt completely at peace. I know that I made great progress today with a combination of yoga that focused on my lower chakras (the areas I have issues with) and the isochronic recording. Try out an isochronic recording during your next chakra meditation and experience the same benefits I did. It was a soul-searching experience for me. I've never felt more in synchonicity with my own body and mind connection. So slacking off was actually to my advantage today. Tommorow morning it's back to my 1 hour session of sweating with Rodney Yee.

Photo Credits: Salvatore Vuono

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