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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Rolling Along...

Today's yoga practice was fuel to keep my day in perspective. It was another yoga lunch break for me. 30 minutes of high-powered sun salutations to brighten up my 12 hours of awake-time. Each practice tends to simplify my day and make it so much easier to center my various tasks around. I had another breakthrough during my chakra meditation this morning. Today all I had to do was close my eyes and I was able to gain a deep state of relaxation within the first minute of listening to my isochronic recording. There is something supremely satisfying about know that you are moving forward each day into a new era of being. Now the days are entering a pleasant flow from one sunset into the other, and I can see more and more of my true purpose with each and every dawn. I know that this is only a pit stop on the universal highway, but I'm enjoying my moment in the sun, and the ride -- cruising in this astral convertible, top down, hands catching the wind, tasting the freedom of boundless energy.

Photo Credits: winnond

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