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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shedding Old Skin

Hope is a wonderful thing. Like rays of sunlight peeking out from behind an ominous cloud, it instills a sense of grateful being. This is what yoga and meditation inspires me with. Hope. And a feeling that I can ascend to something much higher within myself; become more whole, happier, healthier, and live life on a surer path -- a road where I know my place and the ground greets my feet with each passing step. And I now realize that I don't care how long it takes or how patient I have to be to realize the enlightenment that will come as my reward. I have a certainty and a knowing that it will find me before I even discover it has come. Then the fears that we all cling too, the ones we never even admit to ourselves will finish dropping away and there will be a time for something else that becomes effortless with the lost of resistance to it. Change. It's time to invoke the true meaning of the the yoga practice Kundalini and embrace the "awakening serpent" as each chakra springs to life with vibrant energy. Like a year that seasons cover the distance of, I will experience my personal periods of light and rain, shadow and revealing and breathe into each one. These are the lessons I'm learning with the fall of every drop of sweat that lands on my yoga mat. And as the days pass, the waiting for each joint and muscle to unlock seems more like a blessing then burden.Today my horoscope read,"Sagittarius, a new clarity is coming to you soon -- be sure to think things through slowly." Could it be that my new-found insight will come in the form of a deeply drawn breath or a brand new asana? Only the future holds the answer to that question. And I stretch into it with calm anticipation.

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