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Friday, March 11, 2011

Meditations On Success

Today's lesson is that everyday is brand new and full of potential. With my yoga practice today I'm just having fun. I practiced for about 30 minutes; first with Rodney Yee's AB's Yoga For Beginners and lastly I just did 10 minutes of basic sun salutations to limber and warm up my body a bit more. Then I dedicated the remaining 30 minutes of practice time to meditation. 15 Mins of isochronic meditation was followed by Kundalini Fire Breathing techniques, and then the binaural meditation below. EFT tapping on my chakra points cleared away any negative energy still stuck within. The result is that I am moving ahead into the day with a bright smile on my face. After yesterday's chakra breakthrough I'll have to admit I feel pretty invincible. So I'm stopping for today, remembering to balance both on the mat and in life, and not to try too hard. I'm just going to bask in my success of the moment and let the joy from this accomplishment take me through clear until the sun sets. My horoscope today read, "Sagittarius, let other people do the driving while you sit back and enjoy the ride." I'm going to follow that advice for a time and just remain secure in the knowledge that each day I am becoming...more.

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