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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still Going...

Today I experienced unbelievable joy in just the simplicity of my practice. I'm getting into the rhythm of things and my practice is beginning to feel second nature to me. Kundalini was a challenge as always, but I seemed to welcome it even more this time. With each breathe and exercise a little bit more of the puzzle that is transcendence - me becoming more than I am, is being peeled way one session at a time. My energy level is through the roof, and it's no wonder with all the meditation and chakra work I've been doing. Who knew that this process would not only be enriching, and enlightening, but could also be a whole lot of fun. I laugh at myself and my weaknesses and failings each yoga practice, because at the end of the day that's all you can do. And then you stand up again and keep the faith in yourself. Like Gurmukh says "Keep it going...little bit more. Even when it gets hard to do, that is exactly where you wanna be. You want it to get hard. You want it to get challenging. And then you go through that challenge to what we call the other side. You go to your edge. You pass you edge.And in it you're able to live in that space in your life. You know what the going gets rough, you'll be able to keep up." Day 12 for me and I'm still going strong. Somewhere between Siddhasana and Sat Nam I've figured out that this is way more then just a 30 day test for me. I've found a way of being that will far outlast this month, this year, and this lifetime.

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