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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yoga's The Best!

Somewhere deep inside of all the self-assurance and confidence, there's a little voice saying 'wow you're really doing it!' It's amazing to me that I've improved so much over the last few weeks. Of course the true test will be on April 1st when I test my chakras. Since practicing yoga, I've noticed that there is a profound sense of fulfillment and happiness bubbling up from deep within me. It's changing not only my body and increasing my energy level, but it's really changing my life and the way I look at things.This morning while the rain was pouring down outside and I was working through the challenges of Kundalini yoga, I noticed an subtle strength coming to the fore. Gurmukh was so right! There is a knowing and an understanding that comes with making yoga a regular part of your lifestyle. You know that 'when the going gets tough' you can carry on no matter what. I'm so sure that this is one of the best things that I could have ever done for myself!

Photo Credits: Jomphong

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