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Friday, April 8, 2011

Aligning My Life With Energy

It's wonderful how EFT is transforming my life's path. In yoga and in life, aligning yourself is essential and the key to to self development and growth.This month along with my commitment to practicing EFT everyday for a month, I am deepening my yoga practice by paying closer attention to my alignment and the way I set up my body in each movement and pace myself with my breath. Rodney Yee's DVD's have been a great visual guide, showing me what to do. On Rodney's Blog, I found a wonderful video showing beginners the proper alignment for Sun Salutation. It has made me even more watchful of the way I hold my body so as not to stress and strain by body. Check it out right here. Every day I'll continue my practice and fine-tune it in every way, while using EFT to reach higher and higher for my goals.

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