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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Experiencing Useless Emotions

Joe Vitale in his book The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want, describes guilt as a "useless emotion." I concur, but to Mr. Vitale's list I will also add fear as being another useless emotion. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying don't be safe and don't fear jumping off a high-rise building with no parachute. I'm talking about those emotional and mental skyscrapers that people create in their minds. I've done it before and we all do it. I'm talking about things beyond our comfort zone. Maybe we don't have the courage to tell our boss that her or she is undermining our self-worth, or our challenge is public speaking. It could be that a room full of people makes us retreat into shyness. Could it be we're afraid to take the next step in a romantic relationship? Or are we afraid to go after our true passions and dreams? Living life this way is a self-sabotage and in doing so, we can never get what we want. To quote what the American Idol judges, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson say all the time; "you have to take risks." If the thought of doing that makes you cringe, it's time for few rounds of EFT. EFT has been so helpful to me in my life that I cannot even say. And the more I clear away my own hangups, the more my eyes are open to the fact that so many people in the world could have lives that were more worthwhile to them if they just let go of their guilt and fear. In the end when you think about it harboring those emotions changes nothing and doesn't promote personal grown, but fosters more personal decay. So let go of the pain of guilt and fear and let your life blossom. I know I most certainly am! In the spirit of today's posting, check out this powerful tapping session by Brad Yates. It'll blow your mind! If you need a little help understanding EFT try this handy introduction to the concept of EFT. Enjoy.

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