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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cyber Yoga

Technology is an amazing thing! I just completed an online yoga session with Swami Ji, as he told me to call him for short. His full name is Swami Mahavanam Saraswati. He has studied various disciplines including Yoga, Vedanta,Tantra, and acupressure. It was a privilege to have learned from him. Swami Ji is one of the yogi's on a very cool and informative website for yoga called Divine Wellness. Click here to check them out. They have online yoga classes that you can sign up for, of which the first 2 yoga classes are free of charge (no credit card needed and no catch). Thereafter, if you choose to continue, you can subscribe for more classes for a fee. The session was unbelievable and the Swami Ji was so educated and serene to work with. In a non-judgmental way he gently guiding me through a valuable hip-opening session that really increased my flexibility. I was impressed by his calm manner and friendly grasp of the complexities of yoga knowledge. I highly recommend that any yogi beginner to advanced try this service out. Browse the site and register for the free membership so that you can deepen your your yoga practice by working with yoga gurus straight from the birthplace of yoga which is India. You'll be so glad you did. And since I won't be going to India anytime soon, I have a feeling that this website will become invaluable to me.

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