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Friday, April 22, 2011

One Minute Meditation

I've learned meditation doesn't have to be a long drawn out process. Of course having the time to sit in Seated Cross-Legged Pose contemplating your existence would be nice if you had the time, but sometimes that's just not practical. I like to occasionally take my meditation in strides. Maybe I'm riding in a car, or I have a moment before my next client and only a moment, or maybe I'm sitting in the a waiting room somewhere? I find these times are the perfect excuse to find a bit of Zen in a brief centering meditation. If you are weak in a certain chakra, use this opportunity to reflect on the color associated with that chakra and for 1-5 minutes, or however much time you have free, focus on that center of energy and that color. Remember to close your eyes and take it seriously even for the few minutes that you have. An example would be, if you were wanting to strengthen the root chakra, draw your attention to the base of your spine and imagine the color red emanating from that spot and expanding in a clockwise, circular motion all the way down to your feet like a crimson spiral. Then see if you can quickly envision the other chakra spots from orange to violet. Don't spend anymore then 5 minutes on this exercise. The idea here is to effect improvement slowly and a bit at a time. I love doing this simple meditation because it clears my mind of anything I'm stressing about and helps me to focus on having a brighter day; which brings me that much closer to owning a peaceful inner being.

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