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Friday, April 15, 2011

Expanding My Root Chakra

Our root chakra is the great grounding influence within us. It is represented by the boldness of the color red. A healthy root chakra strengthens us and gives us the necessary will for survival. It also deals with our ability to feel safe and secure in our surroundings and ourselves. Any blockages in this chakra can effect our self-confidence and our social lives as they involve our family and home life. As a child who was raised in a cult religion, when I left that religion (Jehovah's Witnesses) I was lost and adrift. Disillusioned, I didn't know who or what to believe it. I was lost and had to find my way. During this search I came to terms with the physical and verbal abuse that framed much of my family life growing up. A family is a person's foundation and because that was shaken to the core and to quote R.E.M. I was "Losing My Religion", I had to reclaim a part of myself that didn't exist and start from scratch. My root chakra, was blocked for years and it took many steps some intentional and others not to unblock it. Now as an adult I sometimes find myself beset by bouts of anemia (an ailment that often affects people who don't have strong root chakras. Today I realize, that as far as I have come, I still have a lot of work to do. I want my root chakra to blossom fully like a perfectly formed red rose, ready to face any challenging possibility. So my focus in EFT and with yoga will be to further develop my root chakra. It's a journey, and I'm following my path one step at a time. And wearing the color of the chakra you are trying to unfold is encouraged, so I guess it won't hurt to add a lot of red to my wardrobe. Or maybe I just need an excuse to buy a new dress?

Photo Credits: Gregory Szarkiewicz

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