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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Learning A Little More Each Day

Every passing hour I find myself more and more fascinated by the twists and turns of my journey. Some days a certain yoga pose will present a greater challenge and teach me just how much I have yet to know about my body. Other times I'll reach a new plateau with EFT and an emotion will surface from deep inside and show itself to me in all it's rawness. Then I will have to tap on it until it releases away from me like a bird taking flight and leaving my body. Or maybe during an intense meditation, I will see the path stretched out before me and notice a mental roadblock to be moved that I hadn't seen before. This is all a part of the educational process that I'm going through. It's an initiation of sorts; during which I have to face the tribulations and joys of the way to enlightenment. It's an ever-changing process which soars to new heights as one day melts into the next and I realize my calling to heal and be healed.

Photo Credits: Ben Wilson

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