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Monday, April 25, 2011

Mental House Cleaning

Using EFT to help yourself and others can be a really incredible experience. In my journey to enlightenment, I hope to help many others along the way by spreading the stories of what I've done to help myself. This is more of the old adage that you can't help others unless you first help yourself. I'm discovering the more that I work on my own issues and concerns, the easier it is to help other people in work and in my daily life. Clearing away old programmed thought patterns has had an healing effect on me that is so profound I can't put it into words.I've found that the more I practice EFT and free up my body of clogged energy frequencies and structurally integrate my body via yoga and massage, the better I feel mentally and physically. It is nothing short of amazing how things are beginning to change for me. And what's impressive is that I sense that this is only the start of good things to come for me within the realms of my personal growth. I can see a bigger and brighter horizon looming just ahead in the distance and I'm getting closer and closer to it as each sun sets and rises.

Photo Credits: Prozac1 

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