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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Working Miracles

What I've seen in barely 2 weeks is an amazing shift in my way of thinking. Using EFT gives you a surprisingly flexible way of looking at the world. Absolutes such as never, and always just don't exist. Practicing EFT on a daily basis whenever you feel stressed and utilizing it to uproot deep-set emotional turmoils, allows your mind and heart to give way to new ground. And there is nothing better then a true fresh start; one that you can really embrace with a spirit of fearlessness and excitement. In doing this we learn to love the innermost part of ourselves to the core and to experience bliss on a level that doesn't have anything to do with our surroundings. The gas prices can rise, the car could break down, business could be slow with a sagging economy, and you might have just had a fight with your family, but none of that matters because within yourself you have this inner knowing that you will be OK. And whatever happens or has happened, you are sharply aware of the fact that you have this unique and amazing coping tool to help you banish the negativity from you life and keep you sane. And that is the beauty of EFT. It really is an Emotional Freedom Technique!

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