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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Power To Mend A Broken Heart

I've found that EFT is some pretty potent stuff. Since I've been using it as an emotional coping tool, it has helped me immensely. And now I've found that it is also an essential tool for picking up the pieces of your feelings after emotional fallout. I've started to help others with this tool and have found it to be immeasurable in value. I've found that the more I use EFT, the more I want to open up what I've learned to others. I want other people to discover that this is not just a quick fix, but used on a regular basis you address a stubborn issue and all the feelings that come out that are surrounding that problem can rid you of it forever. That's a pretty heavy statement but it is so true. Each time I use it it corrodes that much more of the sediment that had built itself around my heart and soul-- freeing me in ways I've never dreamed were possible. That's the gift and the blessing of EFT. To learn more go here, or watch this informative Youtube video by a super-talented tapping expert to get started quickly!

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