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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Embracing My Inner Strength

As time goes by I am realizing how powerful I can truly become in my resolution to rebuild myself from the ground up. Essentially that is what I'm doing energetically. In rejuvenating my Root chakra, I am creating a whole new me, different, but the same from the foundation where it counts and growing out of that base to blossom into something untouched and uncharted. I feel the burst of awareness bubbling up and spilling over to invade my consciousness and it's a wonderful thing. I'm embracing the unfurling of my Kundalini energy, my "serpent fire" and facing life with the passion that that invokes. It's only appropriate that the color red represents the 1st chakra. It's bold, confident and it charges ahead with beauty and life.

Photo Credits: Dynamite Imagery

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