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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Re-aligning My Focus

Every time I move into a yoga pose the flexibility of my body mirrors that of my spirit. I can feel the subtle change happening daily, and the minor adjustments are apparent during each practice. I accept all these changes in stride and love each and every moment of growth and development that they herald. From this place of inner fulfillment I know that I'm gaining more ground with each passing step. Even this current struggle hasn't gotten me down. The physical plane is just one aspect of my existence and I'm not letting it define me completely. On the days when I lack my usual vigor, I go deeper inside to discover another kind of peace. It's a quiet that's soul-deep and purely unique to myself. When I'm in this space I find the strength to transcend the mundane and I know that I'm not only bound to my body. There's a real heart-felt beauty in acknowledging that I can escape to this destination of mind whenever I need to. This is how I'm learning to tap into my calm and courage.

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