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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free To Be

Recently I've been practicing the art of letting go. To live life without a preset rulebook. Don't get me wrong, planning out your path is great, but micro-managing each part of it has to go by the wayside -- at least for me anyway. I prefer to set a general outline, sort of like sign posts that point the right way out to me and keep me on track. This allows me space to expand and breath, and gives me time to find my center. Yoga is about letting go, and so is EFT and meditation. Because it's only then that we can truly get a sense of who we really are inside. It can be scary to find out what we are made of. There's a lot of fear that we might not like what we see. But how else are we going to grow and change for the better. Our flaws up close are uncomfortable to look at and make us sweat for sure, but it's that perspiration and that labor that prime us to be capable of greater things. I for one am embracing every part of me; even the areas that I'm not at all thrilled with. Here's me looking straight in the mirror without flinching.

Photo Credits: Markuso

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