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Friday, May 20, 2011

Real Progress

Yesterday evening I had what was probably one of my most fulfilling and inspiring meditation sessions ever. I had just completed about 30 minutes of a yoga practice where I could just see how far I've come in the last 3 months; even though I missed a day! I loved the way I felt an innate sense of calm wash over me. The room was a hush with sundry noises, the typing of my significant other's keyboard, the rush of the wind outside my window, the steady, measuring inhale and exhalations of my breath. I visualized easily the colors of my chakras, starting with a shocking red for my 1st chakra (the Root). Moving up all the way to a deep indigo for my Third Eye chakra. It was wonderful to experience my whole world stop for moment and my mind empty of thoughts. I came to a place in my psyche that was almost like sleep, but somewhere in between, and then I would pull back and focus on the color of my chakra. I could feel the healing at a soul-deep level that is hard to put into words. I know that each session is different, but I can only try to duplicate or one-up the results of last nights meditation, if only to feel again that sense of inexplicable bliss.

Photo Credits: Markuso

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