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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stepping Out On Faith

Sometimes I have to let go of all the preconceived notions, hard-wired beliefs, and get my mind out the the present. Sometimes I just have a little faith. I will have to give myself an award as "The Comeback Kid". I've weathered childhood abuse, growing up in a religious cult, severe depression, chronic fatigue, 2 deaths in immediate family, a breakup of a 5 year relationship that has come back around, family illness, the sagging economy, and now I'm struggling with anemia. What all of this has taught me is to have faith in the unlimited power that you can draw from within yourself. At what's often felt like the end of the line, I've comeback strong so many times and I've been made a better person for it. It takes fire to forge steel after all. The things that help me along the way are the precious friends I have, the love I've come to rediscover, my lovely sister, music, and writing, which has helped me through so many times of despair. And now I have yoga, meditation and EFT to assist me during the rest of my journey. I am blessed in so many ways to have discovered the benefits I've reap from all three practices that I cannot say. What I can state with confidence is that my whole life has turned around because of it and I've coming out with my gloves on!

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