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Friday, May 6, 2011

Winding Down The Week

I'm feeling a common thread between yesterday and today. Is it the end of the week that is starting something incredible, or is this mounting energy I feel just a surge that is momentary and will soon fade away. I'm confident that it is something permanent and lasting, that will permeate every facet of my existence. My meditation session today was even more powerful then the one before and I know that something special is happening here. It's really cool to be right where I am right now, somewhere on the verge of an ending and a beginning. In this space I'm wrapped in promise and nostalgia; feeling the harshness of my past right along with the warm fuzzy moments, and mirroring that in the dreams and adventure of my future. In the clarity of this half-light, I can truly see myself as an individual -- who I was, who I am and who I am becoming. This is the moment of tomorrows, the stuff that sets the road for greatness and shapes who you will become. I'm embracing that eventuality with courage and stamina. My daily practice keeps me strong and agile, my meditation calm in the face of the storm and focused, and EFT releases me from myself. I think I've found the perfect trio.

Photo Credits: Tom Clare

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