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Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 10 Of The Lemon Cleanse

This is the last day of my Master Cleanse, and I find that I am really proud of myself. I did it. I get this feeling everytime I finish 10 days or more on this fasting cleanse. Today it seemed that I had boundless energy and I think that my detoxing kicked up a notch and went to a whole other level. I was able to do 1 whole hour of Kundalini Yoga with no problems or fatigue. Infact not only did I finish my yoga session with flying colors, but parts that had posed a challenge to me before were easier for me to complete. I was also more flexible then ever, and after it was over I had the sensation that I could keep going. It was awesome. During the last final phase of my yoga-- meditation, I concentrated on my Chakras and when Gurmukh instructed me to come out of my meditation slowly by focusing on my Third Eye, I could actually see a bright indigo triangular orb right at the point in the center of my forehead. My eyes were closed and yet I could envision it. It was an amazing feeling. I really had a breakthrough today!

Photo Credits: Sakhorn38

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