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Monday, January 14, 2013

Experiences With Moldavite

I received my Moldavite stone in December. I was like a child opening up a gift on Christmas! I was so excited. I unwrapped the paper envelope to reveal the contents -- a small green stone that fit between my thumb and forefinger. Being pretty experienced with handling stones and an avid researcher of healing stone therapy, I cleansed the stone first by smudging it with some incense. I recommend that any person who gets a healing stone or any stone for that matter, give it a proper cleansing first to clear it of any negative energies. Just a little background for beginning stone enthusiasts, gemstones both of precious and semi-precious varieties can pick up the energies of all their previous handlers like little metaphysical recorders. That being said, I cleansed my stone, and boy was I in for a treat.

I had been feeling particularly depressed and crappy that week as I was dealing with some personal issues. I thought OK, so I'll go ahead and hold on to this stone and see what happens. I read online that you are supposed to meditate on the stone, and as you do this to connect to it. And I definitely connected to the stone. After just about 15 minutes of holding the miniscule little stone, that "Moldavite Flush" that everyone rumored about, became the stuff of reality. I could feel this energy surging through my entire body. All of a sudden, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and clarity. It was absolutely amazing! I wore it all day and didn't take it off except to shower for 3 days. After that the energy actually became too intense and was too much and so I also started to wear a grounding stone ( some onyx) to bring down the power of the Moldavite some. I actually had to stop wearing it for a few days because it was giving me such a rush. It was releasing so many old emotions and stuck energies that I was becoming weepy and emotional and so I added a rose quartz crystal when I finally did start wearing it again.

Did that effects wear off after a while you might ask? Well at first I thought so, because after the initial week of "Flush", I wore the stone for 2 weeks straight and felt the affects start to mellow and die away which after the experience I had, actually needed to happen. I even recommended it to some co-workers who after wearing it for a while and experiencing the energy asked me if it only worked for a little while. I had begun to wonder that myself. So one day around the end of December, some time before New Years, I re-cleansed the stone and charged it, and then held it and meditated on it, and felt another surge, not as crazy as before (fortunately my body adjusted to the frequencies of the stone, thank goodness) but definitely very wonderful. A sense of calm strength and resolve washed over me. This confirmed to me that this wasn't just a one-time thing and that the affects of the stone were continual.

And what about Moldavite putting a person on their path. Hmmmm... I'm still experimenting with that one, but I can say that several positive things happened to me in the little over a month of having the stone, not necessarily in this order. I recieved a powerful spiritual cleansing from a Reiki master that benefited me greatly by clearing away old blockages, I found out an alternative way to market this blog which I had been looking for some time, I received $11 for a survey I don't even remember signing up for at all, I'm learning to speed read, My client base at my job spiked, I received an unexpected sum of money from a friend, I bonded more deeply with my boyfriend, I started on a more vigorous vitamin regimen, and I'm doing yoga daily again. So I would say that it had a positive effect on me. Stay tuned for more updates!

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