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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Right To Happiness

One of my favorite inspirational people when I'm having a particularly bad day is Brad Yates. He's an amazing Law of Attraction Coach (the method of attracting good things into your life by using positive thoughts and feelings a la The Secret). He also is an exceptional demonstrator of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a method that I've discussed in past blogs, which I've used to literally turn my life around and heal deep-seated, old emotional wounds. I'll be posting another blog at a future date that has to do with EFT, what it is and will lead you through a DIY session. EFT is something anyone can learn to do for themselves or their loved ones to help them heal, simply by aping that instructor and following their hands through a series of tapping points on their body and repeating their affirmations. You can also create you own series of affirmations and EFT sequences as you learn more about it. That being said Brad Yates, a world-renown EFT coach has helped me when I've felt at my absolute low, by being the voice that makes me say that whatever I'm feeling right at this second, "It's OK. Now how do I get beyond this feeling and progress to healing?" I simply want to share an EFT Video that I've started using recently. In the video Yates reminds that we have an innate right to happiness and joy and that no one can take that away from us but us. I hope you enjoy and use it regularly to remind yourself that there are people out there who want you to be happy and who care. For more on Brad Yates go to more on EFT visit and read about it's founder Gary Craig. There is a online tutorial that will help you explore this fast, fun and easy technique. Happy tapping!

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