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Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 Days And Counting...

Unexpected discoveries must be my theme for the weekend, because today I just experienced another one. Yesterday evening I saw a late night movie, a fabulous film that I highly recommend, called The Adjustment Bureau. I ended up staying up past my bedtime and combined with the fact that I had to go in to work early, missed my regular yoga time. My Rodney Yee Power Yoga was left at home, so I had to use Comcast On Demand's Exercise TV at my office and was able to complete a 45 min yoga session with Rainbeau Mars. Namaste to Rainbeau Mars for creating the inspiring routine of her DVD Yoga for Beauty with Rainbeau Mars: Dawn. It is an incredible vinyasa that floats effortlessly from one pose to the next. I was able to loosen up the stuck energy in my lower back and hamstrings and warm up my spine. Rainbeau must be a yoga angel, because those graceful and limbering asanas were just what I needed for my busy day. At the end of the session, I felt radiant inside and out. It was a lovely feeling. I love yoga flows that don't intimidate and are completely devoid of ego, allowing me to grow in a non-judgmental space. Even though life is not always like that, I've found a little piece of heaven that is right on my non-slip mat. It's my 5th day of my commitment to yoga everyday for the next 30 days, and I haven't slipped yet!

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