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Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Then Simple Reflection

Meditation has become an increasingly valuable tool in managing my day. Balancing out my chakras has opened my horizons to just how powerful that this practice is. My thoughts are more clear, my day less stressful, and my goals seem that much more within reach; as if I can see the path ahead of me, the long stretching expanses and the obstacles that might arise along the way. Within my mind's eye I have become more alert, stronger, and self-assured. During my isochronic tone meditation, I started at the root chakra and could imagine the resonating red ball of energy stemming right from the base of my spinal column and radiating down to my toes. I could feel the energy stored there growing from the faint red that it used to be to a now larger glowing orb of light. I then moved to my sacral chakra region and the color orange sprung immediately to mind this time and filled my lower belly with it's soft brightness spinning in clockwise orientation. From there I progressed to the beaming lemon yellow that sat right between the upper swell of my ribs and spun around it's sunny rays showing even on the outside of my torso. At this point my body began to awaken and energize. As I had just completed an hour long session of Rodney Yee's Power Yoga, I really felt alive. As my mind accessed my heart chakra the whirl of color changed to a vibrant jungle green and in the center the vulnerable soft pink circle turning at the same speed clockwise. At each step as I progressed from chakra to chakra I would envision a white healing light that to me represented divinity, enclose each color completely and then cross it to bind it together with two bands of white energy. On to the throat chakra, a shade of turquoise turning slow and then faster and faster as it gained strength to open.Then I moved to the third eye, that confident dark hue of indigo swirling like a mysterious sea right in the middle of my forehead. Finally the crown chakra greeted my psyche strongly with vivid impressions of violet that intensified as I focused in on them. Then I saw all my chakras as spinning in harmony from bottom to top, and bathed them hot-white healing and crossed my body with that healing from top to bottom. That was today's meditation. I took the concepts from the book The Book of Chakras: Discover the Hidden Forces Within You by Ambika Wauters, and modified them to fit my own style of reflection. I received a tip from a close friend to not visually spin your chakras from top to bottom but actually across from let to right, and I find that the colors move more fully in their perspective places. It's a beautiful thing to know that your mind can transport you to an eternal destination of rest and regeneration that has no ticket fare. Within it you can train a place of sanctuary that is both priceless and rare. In an experience that is unique each time I try it I've found an immensely satisfying treasure if only for 15 minutes. Peace.

Photo Credits: Sura Nualpradid

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