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Monday, March 14, 2011

Staying Centered

Self improvement is a funny thing. For some people it's about finances, others romance, and still others health. For me it's about an outlook on life, one that is well-balanced in all areas if not equally alloted. I'm on this quest to better myself emotionally, spiritually and physically and it's a learning experience each step of the way. I'm feeling phenomenal all the time, my stress level is lower and when troublesome issues arise I simply don't deal with them with the same level of panic that I used to. Even today when personal problems made me antsy, I fell back on my morning chakra meditation and was feeling leagues better in no time. I couldn't believe how much my mentality had changed. I felt so much more in control and aware of just what I could do to handle my situation. My yoga session with a Rodney Yee DVD had already focused my mindset and fine-tuned my body so I was in an even more relaxed state. I'm excited about where I'm headed and I'm not looking back. My horoscope today read, "Sagittarius, you should turn off your engine completely -- you need to take things even slower." I took that advice today both in yoga, meditation and in life.

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