Main Photo Credit - Michael Neville

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Digging Deeper

Today I felt as if I unearthed something basic and elemental inside of myself. I can really see that the yoga, meditation and EFT are starting to show up in my life in ways that are totally unexpected. In my massage therapy, I've found that I am able to connect with the client and further assist in their healing. Because my inner self is calmer and more at peace I am able to project the energy of that tranquility onto my client. As my chakras are opening up I'm able to resonate not only with my clients but people that I meet in a more confident and grounded manner. Right now my soul is running bare foot down through a soft grassy meadow over-flowing with flowers and I'm throwing caution to the wind because I know that each step is sure and firm beneath me. My root chakra is anchored fearlessly in the ground and from that place I blossom.

Photo Credits: Federico Stevanin

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