Main Photo Credit - Michael Neville

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Instant Serenity

When I meditate while visualizing the different points of energy that make up the chakras I imagine the colors associated with each point swirling clockwise on the body. I allow myself to surrender to the energy of each chakra and feel the waves of it strengthen all parts of my body mind and spirit connected to it. Now I find that when I focus in on my meditation it comes to me almost instantly and an overwhelming sense of calm descends over me right away. I focus in on a weak chakra and I'm able to zero in on it that much quicker. I guess like with anything practice makes perfect. I can say that more than anything, I am truly getting a grasp on exactly what it means to be joined together in body and mind. This must be what it feels like for a rock climber to glimpse the top of a cliff precipice and relish the obstacles ahead knowing that each hand-over-hand puts you closer to the destination; all the while missing the battle to the top before it's reached it's edge.

Photo Credits: Tom Curtis

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