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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Opening Indigo

I've decided to leave all opening of my 7th chakra, the Crown chakra alone for now and solely for this year work on the first 6 chakras from Root Chakra to the Third Eye. This makes the Third Eye for all intents and purposes the temporary zenith of my meditation. I've noticed something about myself that a really good friend drew to my attention and that is that I rarely dream. Since vivid, clear dreams are a sign of an open Third Eye, I'm taking a wild guess here and making the assumption that my Third Eye needs working on. So to that end I'm going to work on opening my indigo (the color that represents the Third Eye chakra). And I'm going to keep at it until inspiration hits me smack between the eyes. Starting in the month of May I'm going to devote 1 month to each Chakra. May will be for the 1st of 6 chakras which is the Root Chakra. I will work on all 6 of my chakras with a focus on strengthening my Root. In October I will zero in on my Third Eye, and I just know that will be an amazing turning point in my journey. So here's to charging ahead into the future with no turning back!

Photo Credits:  Kenneth Cratty

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