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Monday, April 11, 2011

Working From The Inside Out

Because I've been practicing my EFT faithfully everyday for over 10 days now, a lot of stale and stagnate emotions are starting to surface. I've reflected on how being isolated while being raised in a religious cult from childhood, hampered a lot of my social abilities growing up. Old issues from relationships that I've been through were a popular theme and also self-doubt. I was able to tap through a lot of it with success and come out on the other side with barely a scratch. There are many things surrounding these issues that I still have to deal with, but I'm tapping them away one at a time. The part of me that used to be so empty inside from my 9 year bout struggle with depression is filling up with all the good that I've been establishing with my yoga and EFT and meditation. I'm beginning to center myself and become grounded in my own reality. From the inside out I am starting to glow with calm, focus and healing energy. I know there are a few rough patches ahead, but I am confident that I can navigate right through them.

Photo Credits: BJWOK

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