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Monday, May 2, 2011

Exercising Patience

The most important thing to remember when practicing yoga and meditation is a patience. In order to succeed and grown in my yoga practice I have to demonstrate a willingness to wait for the rewards that are inevitably coming my way. Flexibility of body and mind and the challenge that naturally accompanies my steady improvement are the benefits that I am gleaning from my endeavors towards enlightenment of body and soul. I am seeing changes in the way I look at things and in the shape and grace of my body, and they are welcome augmentations to my life. Opening my root chakra is something that I see as essential to my development as a whole and well-rounded person. In that opening I can expand and move with confidence and more of a new-found strength then ever before. I can feel that difference inside me with each meditation and it's effects are very telling indeed.

Photo Credits: Carlos Porto

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